Did you just say the “S” word?!

*This is meant for a lighthearted chat with you, its Thrusty Thursday after all…

Let’s start with getting the “it” word out the way. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Okay, feel better? Good me too. Oh, and this one condom. condom. condom… cccooondom. Phewf. Feeling brave? Good. Me too. Let’s have a little pillow talk…

One thought that crosses my mind 18.6 times a day once every 51 minutes, or so says the internet (thank you Google), is this exactly. Sex. I’m not saying the act itself or who is the dream guy in the sack (Sam Claflin however, yeah baby!), I’m thinking of all that goes with it and how is it that in 2017 how sex is still seen as taboo(?) and even how lucky we now are to be so aware of the STI’s and STD’s that are out there… or are we?

It scares me these days that the majority of both men and women seem to have this perception that wearing protection is simply not needed or ‘it gets in the way’ or ‘not sexy’ *imagines trying to seductively apply a condom to a banana in practice and failing* My immediate thought is, ‘so protection gets in the way of your chances of catching something nasty, or even getting pregnant?’  Really people. I totally get that people have their own opinions and even their own choices and what you decide is up to you.

In 2015 the total number of new STI diagnoses was 434,456 an actual decrease of 3.4% from 449,642 in 2014. An interesting read I found, ‘there have been increasing diagnoses in men who have sex with men, including a 21% increase in gonorrhoea and a 19% increase in syphilis. Public Health England said “high levels of condomless sex probably account for most of this rise”. In 2015 there were over 1.5 million chlamydia tests carried out among 15 to 24 year olds with more than 129,000 diagnoses.

One that I hear getting thrown around is the guy saying just before the ultimate heated moment, it’s getting hot, the passion is there your about to experience the best feeling ever, you wait with bated breath aaand… ‘are you on the pill yeah?!’ as he wipes sweat of his brow whilst mounting you like the alpha male gorilla (*add fave sex position here). Let’s clear this up THE PILL IS NOT SOME MAGIC BEAN THAT PROTECTS YOU FROM ALL EVIL. It’ not. At all. Nor is the implant or an other contraceptive. Pregnancy protection – yes granted thats what it’s for, STI/D’s however, you bet your butt it doesn’t. The question we both male AND females (it’s 50/50 people whether you like it or not) should be asking is ‘do you have protection?’ and if the response is ‘yeah I have a baseball bat in my wardrobe ha-ha’, Lady or in fact Sir, get up, grab your stuff and leave. Then maybe hit said person on the bonce with said baseball bat on your way out.

That’s simply not good enough.

Again, I understand the moments where maybe it’ a drunken fumble and it all happens quickly and this guy or girl seems just SO nice and SO lovely and all you want is to simply have sex with this person right there and then, but do we really know these people? Most likely case is, no we don’t. All I know is that he/she likes Flaming Sambucas and sweet chilli in their Subway for the way home. They may seem trustworthy and ‘clean’ (define ‘clean’) but sometimes they may not be aware of their own sexual health let alone yours.

“About 70% of infected females and 50% of males will not have any obvious signs or symptoms of Chlamydia to they may be so mild they are not noticed”

I also get that sometimes, especially from a girls perspective, is when it comes down to the funk we almost get scared of asking about protection in case our partner at the time get’s put off by this and we almost feel as if we have to please them this way and just keep quiet about it and instantly book ourselves in for a checkup or indeed a trip to our Docs to sought after the Morning After Pill or frantically text your mate that you simply HAVE to see her tomorrow morning over a Maccies Mcmuffin followed by the trip to the clinic.

Guys and gals one thing I ask of you is, make your lady/gent feel as comfortable as they can and don’t make it awkward for each other, this may just be a one night-thing-from-a hot-line-bling – yes, get that, but please look after this person while they are under your care even if it is for the whole 4.5 minutes… (mwaha). Let’s face it, your getting naked with each other and getting pretty close up into their personal space (invasive!) – if we can do that, we can surely speak out a simple question?

If I had one wish, okay maybe a couple – Genie where you at?! I would wish away the stigma of asking about protection and does this person have any, even if you both choose not to wear it, please just ask. My other wish would be to be rid of all nasties out there entirely so we can all bonk to our hearts content and not worry about potentially ruining someone else’s life with an STI, sadly this isn’t impossible – so! my next wish would be please get yourselves checked out as much as you can, the clinics even say if your in a healthy long term relationship just get yourself seen to each year just to make sure your ship, shape, and shiny. My last wish would be, well, to see if Sam Cliflin is available…HA! I jest. Or do I. No, but really – my last wish would be to rid all the fears and worries about what you would come across like if you even dare to ask your partner about protection and what precautions should you take.

“There were 33,218 new cases of Genital Herpes diagnosed in 2015, the rate of new diagnoses was 61.2 per 100,000 population”

The more I get into this post I feel like I’m preaching at you all, I’m really not, I just care about you and want the best for you, really that’s all. I will be with you no matter what you decide ❤

Have no shame in what you do with your life, try and not to have any regrets. If you do find yourself in a situation where you need to get checked out or indeed have contracted an STI or indeed have got pregnant, please do not fret. There are so many options available to us these days, and do not be scared to talk to someone, anyone. Please do not feel alone in this because you will have people around you who will help you and support you through the personal times.


Most importantly – just have happy-safe-lovely-satistying-sharing-is-caring-fun-tantilsing-lie-back-and-think-of-England/cheese/Sam Claflin/anything. you. damn. well. please. SEX.




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